Valley in softer rocks

Stop for a moment here as you leave the woods. There is a valley in front of you, forming low ground between the ridge you have been walking on and the hill opposite. The valley is formed in softer rocks, with harder rocks on either side.


Another view of the valley

View of the valley looking towards the SE. The image below is a cross-section through this area. The cross-section shows how the combination of upturned beds and variations in resistance to erosion has produced this landscape of valley and ridges.

Where do you think these upturned beds once extended to? They formed a huge fold which arched down to the west. Much of the fold has now been removed by erosion.


Task Site 9 Question

Use the map as you walk across the valley to find out the name of the rocks beneath:

a) Aymestry limestone
b) Lower LudlowShales
c) Wenlock Limestone
d) Raglan Mudstone