For Voyager deeptime the Voyages are each based on a walking route of between 3 and 13 km (about 1.5 to 8 miles). A map is provided on the app and your position on it is constantly tracked using GPS. You are asked to complete tasks en route.

If you have mobility problems, you need not miss out – you can enjoy most aspects of the well-illustrated Voyager app at a stationary location in the area or even at home. See the FAQ section for more information on this.

It is best to download the app and your chosen Voyage(s), or field exercise for GeoExplore, before you go out but if you have a good signal and download capacity you can do it on site. For the longer routes, it may be useful to have a second device or battery booster with you, but most routes can be completed if you start with a well-charged battery.

Voyager and GeoExplore apps  on different devices

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