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GeoExplore is aimed at ‘A’ level students or adults with some geological knowledge, or could be used for voluntary practice by first year undergraduates. It requires the user to carry out a geological investigation on site. It digitally provides the tools needed to do so, such as a compass, clinometer, grain description and rock-naming charts and GPS location tagged note, image and sound recording.

The various exercises at the four sites produced so far include geological mapping, examining the structure of rocks, looking for palaeoenvironmental evidence and interpreting the Ice Age features of the landscape.

Please remember that technology is not infallible and you may want to take with you some additional or back up geological or safety equipment, depending on which location / exercise you are at. For example, some locations require a hard hat and you may want to have a hand lens, grain-size card, traditional compass-clinometer, tape measure, notebook and pens.

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