Voyages in Deep Time


Voyages in Deep Time is an exciting project which has developed free smartphone apps to encourage people to visit and enjoy learning about their local rocks and landscapes that tell us what our part of the world was like millions of years ago – in deep time!

The app Voyager deeptime is a game taking  the user on a voyage of discovery and survival in ancient environments. It is aimed at young people (ages 10 – 15 years) but can be fun for everyone.

Voyager deeptime is available on the App Store and Google Play.

A second app, called GeoExplore , is aimed at 'A’ level students or adults with some geological knowledge. It asks them to carry out an investigation at a local geological site and digitally provides the tools needed to do so. GeoExplore will be available later summer 2018.

Voyager and GeoExplore apps have been written for each of four beautiful and geologically varied locations in Herefordshire and Worcestershire so far. There is scope for other locations to be included – if you have ideas about this, get in touch.

Cats Back Voyage

Triassic Creature

Devonian Moonrise

Silurian Seas

Wye Valley Voyage


Devonian Sandstones Wilderness Voyage

Streams cut into glacial deposits

Canyon Martley Voyage

Permian desert Martley Voyage

Bilberry Hill Lickey Ridge Voyage

Triassic Sandstones Martley Voyage

Black Darren - Olchon Valley

Devonian Weather

Carboniferous Rainforest

Cats's Back

Patch Reefs in Silurian Sea

Black Mountains 20,000 years ago

Triassic Rivers

Caves Wye Valley Voyage

Coastline like that of the Red Sea today

Strange rocks

Cambrian sea

Triassic River Deposits

Ancient lagoons

Gully Oolite Life

Devonian Rivers Cat's Back Voyage

Life by the edge of the ice

Senni Life - Cat's Back Voyage

Olchon Valley

Ordovician volcanoes

Carboniferous rivers

Coastal plains - Wilderness Voyage