Field Trips

The Field Trips currently published within the GeoExplore app are provided below. Within GeoExplore you have the fieldtip information and exercises packaged on the same device as your students log their data in the field, but you may find this web access useful to review on the comfort of a desktop/laptop. You can also download the field trips and print or incorporate into your own worksheets, etc. We invite you to submit your field exercises for publication within the app. How to publish your field trip in GeoExplore.

The large font size of field trip documents is to assist reading on small mobile device screens.


Black Mountains  Sedimentary & Geomorphology

El Hierro (Canary Islands)  Volcanics

Lickey Hills  Structural

Martley  Palaeoenvironmental & Structural

NE England  Palaeoenvironmental

Wye Valley 1  Lithology & palaeoenvironmental

Wye Valley 2  Mapping