Outcrop in path

From Pudford Lane, take the path up along the narrow ridge of Pudford Hill, along the Worcestershire Way. Look down now and then as you walk along the ridge – you will see these hard, thin limestone beds in the path. Also look out for the point some way ahead, where suddenly several paths meet. This is where you need to branch off to your right to reach site 9. This could also be a good place to take a break at the location marked on the map as a good view point for the Bromyard Plateau.


Task Site 8 Questions

Look at the layers (beds) of limestone you can see in the path here. Are they lying horizontally (flat) or vertically (up on end)?

a) Horizontally
b) Vertically


As you follow the path you may gets lots of ‘environment changes’ – why?

a) Narrow outcrop
b) GPS errors
c) Other rocks nearby
c) All of these