Start of the Voyage – instructions here apply when using the Voyager app

Select ‘map’ and find the rock under the car park.

Select ‘then’ to see what scientists think this place was like in deep time.

Select ‘task’ to answer the questions and start building a score.

When you select ‘map’ make sure to touch the map at the place you want information for, or the rock type you want to find information on. If are using the app in the area covered by the map, then GPS will show your position on the map. You can centre the map on your location by touching the ‘target’ control beside the maps north arrow. The information (red button) in the ‘then’ section is full of environmental and other information for the time.


Environment Change

After around 50m from the car park, you here the app issue ‘Environment Change’ (so long as audio is not muted). When you here that it means the rocks beneath you have changed. Use the map to find what the rock has changed to and how the ancient environment (use ‘then’) is different. Get ready for a possible THREAT! Check out the top predator for this ancient environment (Red ‘i’ button in ‘then’ section).


Through the woods to the caves – instruction apply when using Voyager app

As you follow the track of the Voyage the app will give out information. Make sure you familarise yourself with the conditions, lifeforms, etc, that existed as you enter each new ancient environment (when you get ‘environment change’ alert). You need this information to be ready to tackle any alert the app will throw at you. You must respond to an alert within one minute to avoid loss of supplies and score!