Reconstruction of the environment in the Voyage area around 365 million years ago (mid-Devonian) when the Quartz Conglomerate was being deposited. The orientation of this view is northward. Below an eastward view, which emphasises the fault scarp that possibly existed at that time along the line of the East Malvern Fault. At that time the land to the east (i.e. the Severn Valley of today) was higher than the ground to the west – the opposite of today’s arrangement (see how this was reversed)..

The upward displaceent of crust to the east of the Malvern line resulted from the compressive forces from the thrust of Iberia and other pieces of the future southern Europe against the southern edge of Laurussian plate, where the British isles was located (he Acadian Orogeny), This is illustrated in the bottom schematic of plate arrangements around 380 million years ago.