Ridge across golf course

As you walk up past the golf course, you cross a little ridge crossing the path. It is more noticeable on the golf course itself, especially in low angle sunlight. Does this ridge tie up with any rock change on the map? Complete the question for this task, then take the path to the right into the woods. It is at the top of a few steps as you leave the golf course (see photo below). You will be leaving the Carboniferous soon now. As you follow the path through the woods and up hill, look at the ground now and then. See if you can notice a change in what is underfoot, signalling your arrival in the very next period of deep time – the Permian!

The ridge looks like it is a feature of the golf course landscaping and to some extent it may be, but is still detectable outside of the green area of the course.


Task Site 4 Question

Why do you think the ridge is here?

a) A band of harder rock in the mudstone
b) A band of softer rock in the mudstone
c) A concrete step made under the grass to help golfers climb the hill