Publishing a Field Trip for GeoExplore


Field Trips can be created for any location and level of geological experience of users. A field trip published in GeoExplore could be used by an individual or a group working in the field to gather geological data. They can also be used as part of led field trip, where the app content provides useful reference material to cut down on the amount of printed notes which need to copied and handed out to participants.

Although GeoExplore was designed with geology field trips in mind, given the way in which you can adapt the content the app delivers for your field trip, there is no reason why it should not have potential to support field work in other areas – habitat recording, archaeology, geography, forestry…

Enquiries regarding GeoExplore and field trip production should be made to:

The following document, in three different file formats, is your guide and submission form for creating your field trip to be published for GeoExplore.

When you have completed this form and produced the supporting material required, send all your files to us via a free file transfer service (e.g. WeTransfer to

Field Trip Template – Word format
Field Trip Template – Pages (Mac)
Field Trip Template – PDF

We look forward to receiving and publishing your field trips!